• The Construction of the National Science and Technology Resource Big Data Center
    With the focus of the integration of “Big Data of Technical Literature, Big Data of National Science and Technology Management Information System, and Big Data of Scientific Research Facts”, we will comprehensively carry out data knowledge organization and integration, form a number of characteristic databases closely related to the industry, and fully build a National Science and Technology Resource Big Data Center.
  • The Construction of the National-level International Think Tank of Innovative Strategy
    Focusing on the major strategies in the field of national science and technology innovation, we will combine with the new demand for scientific and technological information by innovative subjects and scientific decision-making with the basis on the analysis methods such as factual data analysis, scientific measurement analysis and intelligence content analysis, to provide decision-making support for major frontier technical fields at the macro and micro levels, and strong support for the formulation of national major science and technology strategies.
  • The Construction of the National Engineering Center of Science and Technology Information
    Making full use of the three main service platforms of "our library website", "China Science and Technology Intelligence Network", "National Science and Technology Information Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Public Service Center Website", we should strengthen pipeline construction, provide differentiated services for different user groups, and provide public, scientific research institutions and innovative enterprises. Local governments provide low-cost, convenient and all-factor network information services.
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