The Construction of the National Engineering Center of Science and Technology Information
Making full use of the three main service platforms of "our library website", "China Science and Technology Intelligence Network", "National Science and Technology Information Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Public Service Center Website", we should strengthen pipeline construction, provide differentiated services for different user groups, and provide public, scientific research institutions and innovative enterprises. Local governments provide low-cost, convenient and all-factor network information services.
The Public
Enhancing the inclusive public service ability, further improving the quality and response speed of scientific literature information browsing, retrieval, full-text download or original text delivery to the public, and providing the science and technology big data services to build a well-known science base.
Research Institutions
Relying on the National Science and Technology Information Institute and China Science and Technology Information Network and other carriers; strengthening in-depth cooperation with science and technology information service agencies across the country, and playing a guiding and demonstrative role in the national science and technology information system.
Innovative Enterprises
Providing high-tech comprehensive solutions and personalization of technology innovation, key areas of technology tracking and forecasting, information intelligent retrieval and knowledge organization solutions, and providing high-quality comprehensive solutions and personalized services such as China science and technology innovation map, listing annual report data services, scientific journal evaluation, and continuing education training.
Local Governments
Providing information and decision-making support for local science and technology and industrial development, providing talent resources, policy resources, scientific and technological resources and other services, and providing strategic analysis and decision-making suggestions for the construction and the promotion of results transformation of scientific and technological innovation capacity of local governments.