Decision theatre is an environment that integrates software and hardware to support multi-individual interaction and multi-picture visualized analysis. The building of a decision theatre can help realize scientific and democratic sci-tech decision making and fulfill a reasonable integration between expertise and big data of sci-tech information and analysis model, so as to enhance the ability to study, analyze, tackle, handle and direct the pattern and trend of sci-tech development.


Decision theatre includes software system, hardware system and acousto-optoelectronic system and provides a platform for panoramic new-media-based interactive decision making, so as to realize community-based scientific and democratic decision making under the collaboration of decision makers, domain experts and IT specialist via the integration of factual data, tools and algorithms, interactive visualization and virtual reality.


The decision theatre consists of four subsystems:

  Subsystem of physical space, which is mainly the environment and supporting hardware to form the physical space for the decision theatre, providing hardware support for interactive decision making and creating an appropriate atmosphere for decision making.

  Subsystem of software, which is the foundation for making good use of the decision theatre, serves the management and maintenance of decision theatre and intellectual properties from decision-making tasks, so as to provide support of software system for demonstration, interaction and decision making, and provide theories of information analysis and research findings for sci-tech decision making.

  Subsystem of personnel, which is the soul of the decision theatre and source of expert’s wisdom. It’s a decision-making body built up on the basis of clear labor division and efficient cooperation. It’s entrusted by specific parties and organized by liaisons, together with group discussion of experts.

  Subsystem of decision-making task, which is the task and scene for the application of decision theatre, including sci-tech decision making, technical evaluation, development forecast, project assessment and expert consultation.