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WANFANG DATA is a technology holding company founded by ISTIC in August 2000. It is an information service provider focusing on information resources products, value-added information services, and information processing solutions.

WANFANG DATA has a staff team of 860 people, among which 25% possess master’s degree, and 70% are professionals and experts. Last decade has witnessed its steady and rapid development. In 2010, WANFANG DATA has achieved a sales amount over RMB 200 million.

WANFANG DATA, a major S&T information service provider, has developed 66 documentation databases, including journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, and more than one hundred subject databases, covering S&T achievements, tech videos, research institutions, and science legislations. The full text records of journals, dissertations, and conference proceedings have reached more than 22 million entries, and secondary literature data more than 100 million entries. WANFANG DATA has, up to date, possessed a resource volume up to 20TB.

Taking technology innovation as its growing engine, WANFANG DATA has possessed an impressive number of proprietary information processing and retrieval technologies, and its massive data management technology based on unstructured database has set its own banner domestically. WANFANG DATA has been granted with 37 software copyrights, and 2 science and technology awards at the provincial level. In March 2007, WANFANG DATA Research Institute, a subsidiary of WANFANG DATA, has established an array of joint information technology labs with Peking University, Wuhan University and Nanjing University, in an effort to build a high caliber research contingent. In 2011 WANFANG DATA was assigned to two major national projects: A digital composite publishing system and a S&T literature search engine affi liated to the National 863 Program. WANFANG DATA has successfully developed a national digital composite publishing system, which strengthened WANFANG’s leader role in the areas of DOI management and service technology, open-access service and copyright protection. Designed to spur up the development of S&T information service industry in the country, the S&T literature search engine has produced a great impact on the technology employed and on the service modes applied.

WANFANG DATA has made its business and products cover the whole country and some of the overseas markets. The company has 30 offi ces in 6 major sales regions in the country. It has also set branches in Hong Kong and Canada, serving customers from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and from a dozen of countries in Europe, America and Asia.

In the future, WANFANG DATA will make great efforts to enhance its knowledge service system, and build a WANFANG DATA Scholar Project, accommodating various needs of establishing learning organizations, information institutions, libraries, and other institutional and individual customers. WANFANG DATA continues to improve its knowledge services to serve the users better. WANFANG DATA also strives to provide enhanced decision-making support to research institutions, enterprises, and governments, taking advantage of advanced information processing, retrieval, mining and analysis on the basis of the massive data it holds.

Following the business philosophy of “Data, Information, Knowledge, always meeting users’ need; Value, Added value, More added value, always raising the service quality”, WANFANG DATA exerts to provide users with comprehensive solutions from data and information to knowledge, and strives to be the NO.1 information content and service provider in the country, contributing to S&T innovation, knowledge propagation, raising people’s information literacy, and to the modernization of the national economy!


Products and Services of S&T and Business Information Resources

China Online Journals, China Dissertation Database(Full text), Academic Conferences in China(Full text), Patent Information Service, Chinese and Foreign Standard Database, Policies and Laws of China, Business Information System, National Scientific & Technological Achievements Information Services Platform and China Technology Specialists Database.

Software Development and System Integration

WANFANG Academic Search System, Disciplinary Resources Navigation System, S&T Achievement Services Platform, Special Database construction and Collection System and Digital Library Solution.

Technologies and Products Oriented to Information Service Industry

WANFANG Medical Network, Electric Power Knowledge Services Platform, Metallurgical Knowledge Services Platform and Video Products.

Government Information Resources Integration Solutions

S&T Innovation Decision-making Support System, National S&T Innovation Documentation Sharing Platform, Digital Content Registration and Management Platform, Digital Object Identifier and Openaccess Knowledge sharing System.

On-line Services

WANFANG DATA Knowledge Services Platform, China Local Chronicles Services System. Paper Similarity Comparing Services, Novelty Services Center, Patent Analysis Services, Academic Statistical Analysis Report Services and Knowledge Context Analysis Services.


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