The Division for Postgraduate Program (DPP) is a subsidiary under ISTIC, responsible for the ISTIC’s education of postgraduates who are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees, disciplines capacity enhancing, ISTIC Postdoctoral Station management, on-the-job training of staff, and professional training open to the public. It plays a role as personnel training and academic exchange platform dedicated to ISTIC, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and domestic library and information fi elds. ISTIC opened informatics education as early as in 1958, and started to enroll informatics postgraduates in 1978, which makes ISTIC the earliest higher learning institution offering postgraduate education of informatics in the country. ISTIC is currently an institution authorized to offer master’s degrees of Class-I Disciplines of Library Science,Informatics and Archives Management. Meanwhile, it offers training courses at the equivalent to the master’s degree. DPP hold 8 departments, covering Library Science, Futurology, S&T Policy and Management, Information Resource Management, Knowledge Engineering, Informatics,Scientometrics, and Natural Language Processing, along with library science and informatics courses and internships for undergraduates.

ISTIC was approved in October 2002 by the then Ministry of Personnel Affairs to establish a postdoctoral station for Library Science, Informatics and Archives Management, the fi rst of its kind in the country. DPP has so far opened doctoral courses for informatics, public management,and information resources management, in collaboration with Peking University, Nanjing University, and Zhejiang University. It also serves as a base for internship, allowing students from other universities to be part of the Institute’s research activities.

ISTIC enjoys a team of 71 tutors to master’s degree postgraduates, including 15 tutors stationed in other higher learning institutions, and 6 doctoral tutors. ISTIC enrolls 35 full-time postgraduate students for master’s degree in library science and informatics, and 20 part-time postgraduates seeking for a degree equivalent to master’s degree, on an annual basis. The doctor candidates who are currently studying under a joint training program reach 17 in number with other education institutes. The postdoctoral researchers who are currently working at the ISTIC Postdoctoral Station reach 20 in number. Meanwhile, ISTIC has invited renowned professors at Taiwan University, Zhejiang University and etc. to be visiting professors.


Enroll and train the postgraduates seeking master’s degree in 17 research orientations under the disciplines of Library Science, Informatics and Archives Management; and confer the required degrees to the qualifi ed students.

Conduct joint training of doctoral students, in collaboration with Peking University, Nanjing University, and Zhejiang University, in the areas of informatics, public administration, and information resource management.

Open postgraduate training courses of informatics, in collaboration with UNESCO.

Take care of the day-to-day operations of ISTIC Postdoctoral Station in the areas of Library Science, Informatics and Archives Management.

Conduct on-the-job training, and offer internships to the undergraduates in the area.

Enhance the capacity building of teaching faculties in the areas of library science, futurology, S&T policy and management, information resource management, knowledge engineering, informatics, scientometrics, and natural language processing, and strengthen academic exchanges.

Conduct international exchange and cooperation, absorb high caliber personnel from overseas, invite renowned professors to be visiting scholars, and conduct joint teaching and research, with postgraduates training, disciplinary capacity building, and academic exchanges as the platform.


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