Disciplinary Capability Building

3.1 Library science

Library science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the genesis and development of libraries and associated management/operation. It is designed to summarize the practice of libraries and related activities, establish a theoretical system for libraries, and promote the development of libraries. ISTIC's library science team is mandated to study information organization, knowledge service, resources analysis, information compilation, digital libraries, user services, among others.

In 2012, ISTIC's library science team was granted with a National Natural Science Foundation of China project, a China Postdoctoral Science Foundation project, and 8 projects under the National Science and Technology Support Program and National Social Science Foundation. It published one paper in SCI, and 26 papers in Chinese core journals, along with 10 study reports. The team offers three courses for master’s degree students, including information organization, digital library, and knowledge integration/mapping. It provides tutorships to 15 master’s degree students and three postdoctoral researchers. It sponsored two meeting events in the year, including a national symposium on knowledge organization and knowledge links, and a doctorate forum on knowledge organization and links.

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