Core Operations

2.1 Operation support platform

2.1.1 National Engineering and Technology Digital Library

National Engineering and Technology Digital Library ( is an online library combining the functionalities of data processing, data storage and data publication. Taking advantage of ISTIC's scientific, academic and Web resources, the library is enabled to provide a range of customized services, including document search, full-text delivery, resources navigation, knowledge service, scientific evaluation, decision-making among others. It becomes a major channel through which ISTIC provides its S&T information services to the users across the country.

In 2012, National Engineering and Technology Digital Library collected 55.69 million entries of paper abstracts and 52.59 million full-text papers, with a citation volume up to 118 million entries. The website was visited by 730,000 person-times with up to 10.5 million page-views. Meanwhile, the library staged 26 rounds of training events to get the users in Shandong, Tianjin, Henan, Ningxia, Jilin, Guizhou, Xinjiang and Tibet familiarized with the digital library.

2.1.2 Chinese scientific and technical papers statistics and analysis

ISTIC developed a Chinese International Papers Database, based on the Chinese authors’ papers collected by major international databases, including Science Citation Index (SCI), Engineering Index (EI) and Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (CPCI-S, or ISTP for its former name). It also created a Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations Database (CSTPCD) that collects the core scientific and technical journals published across the country. ISTIC’s Derwent Chinese Patent Database is built on the Chinese patents collected by the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI). Meanwhile, ISTIC developed a Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers Statistics and Analysis Platform, based on the papers, citations, and patents it has collected since 1987, in an effort to provide scientific and technical papers and citations search services from multiple search fields, including institution, geographical area, discipline, author, and journal, and make customized data search services available for evaluation activities.

In 2012, ISTIC completed the phase-II development of Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers Statistics and Analysis Platform that enjoys an optimized data processing flow, an enhanced data quality control procedure, and raised data processing efficiency. The platform is enabled to provide authoritative and accurate data services to innovation bodies, including research institutions, universities, and journal publishers.

2.1.3 Patent Information Search and Analysis Platform of ISTIC

To delve into the substantive analysis of major industrial competitive intelligence, ISTIC developed a range of analysis oriented patent databases on the patent data about ten countries and two international organizations, and further processed the patent data for key science and technology areas. ISTIC also developed a platform of patent search and analysis to support information research.

In 2012, ISTIC continued to strengthen the processing and integration of patent data, and the coverage of ISITC analysis oriented patent database was expanded to include data on China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Meanwhile, a range of industrial patent databases have been created to facilitate patent searches in the areas of nanotechnology, solar energy, electric vehicles, biomass, information technology, life sciences, among others. To accommodate some special needs, ISTIC developed an array of tools and support platforms, including the patent analysis system, the European Patent Office patent data supplement tool, the European Patent Office patent data screening tool, Chinese invention patent information maintenance system, and ISTIC patent information retrieval and analysis platform.

2.1.4 China High-Level S&T Talents Information Network

To implement China’s medium and long term Talents development plan (2010-2020), and to accommodate the strategic demands for innovation-oriented talents, ISTIC established a China High-Level S&T Talent Information Network that collects the information on high-caliber S&T talents through a scientific selecting process that involves screening, evaluating, and data mining. The people recorded by the database include the Supreme Science and Technology Award winners, and the winners of first-class awards in China’s National Science and Technology Progress Award; the winners of such honorary titles as Changjiang(Cheung Kong) Scholars, Outstanding Young Scientists, and Hundred Talents; chief scientists of major national R and D programs; and authors of excellent doctoral dissertations. The network is designed with multi-dimensional search and statistical analysis capabilities, desirable for high-caliber talents screening and assessment.

In 2012, ISTIC added to the database the information on some 3,000 talents, and updated the information on existing 8,800 high-caliber talents, with a combined total of 11,800 records on talents. Meanwhile, efforts have been made to collect the information of 1,500 electric vehicle experts who are currently working at universities, research institutions, factories, or automobile associations, in an attempt to provide factual data for electric vehicle talents recruitment. In addition, a range of studies have been made to develop the standards for sharing and evaluating S&T talents information, including metadata, classification, identifiers, among others.

2.1.5 China Scientific and Technical Information Network

ISTIC took the lead in 2009 to establish China Scientific and Technical Information Network (www. cn) that combines the resources owned by local S&T information institutions, in a move to enhance the research capability of ISTIC and other S&T information institutions across the country, facilitating the development of S&T information service industry, sharing research resources, and maximizing the value of research outcomes. The membership based network is designed with an exchange mechanism that allows research reports, newsletters and other research information being shared among members, facilitating industrial surveys and the creation of the needed databases for local tech industries and regional innovation. The network becomes an S&T knowledge sharing platform that links S&T information institutions across the country.

In 2012, ISTIC signed 34 contracts with member institutions on joint researches in the areas of programmed machine tools, intelligent terminals, geothermal energy, and electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries, among others. Joint researches also involve other aspects, including technology selection for the development of emerging industries of strategic importance at regional level, and the construction of information application and service platforms for iron and steel patents and biomedical industry.

In the same year, efforts were made to explore a new business model that allows more regional S&T information institutions to become the members of China Scientific and Technical Information Network. Shandong Province set up a model to establish a three-level (national, provincial and municipal) S&T information sharing network. Shandong Provincial Institute of S&T Information signed in December 2012 a contract with ISTIC to recruit local memberships for China Scientific and Technical Information Network in 2013, which hallmarks the beginning of three-level S&T information sharing system.

As of the end of 2012, the network has 34 member institutions. It collected newly produced 1,180 research newsletters, with a combined total up to 3,774 in number, and newly produced 648 research reports, or 1,795 for the combined total.

2.1.6 Scientific and Technical Novelty Search Sharing Platform

In collaboration with other S&T information institutions across the country, ISTIC established a membership-based scientific and technical novelty search sharing alliance, supported by a national factual database on novelty search and a national scientific and technical novelty search sharing platform, in an effort to share the factual data on novelty search resources in an effective and cooperative manner, allowing novelty search playing a due role in reviewing new projects proposals, assessing S&T results, and in evaluating and accepting the final results of a project. The new system facilitates the exchanges and cooperation in the area, ensuring the quality of novelty search and evaluation, and enhancing the self- discipline of scientific and technical novelty search.

In 2012, ISTIC continued to work on the capacity building of national scientific and technical novelty search sharing platform. Member institutions uploaded 260,000 new novelty search entries, making the combined total up to more than 270,000 entries. The Alliance is currently working on the technical procedures and standards for scientific and technical novelty search. In the same year, a seminar was held in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, to discuss how to improve scientific and technical novelty search activities. Some 150 participants attended the meeting.


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