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Founded in June 2006, Beijing ONEBOOK Cultural Media Co.,Ltd is a derivative stemmed from the deepened reform of ISTIC, in an effort to consolidate the publishing resources at its disposal. ONEBOO was built on the former Science and Technical Press that was established in 1972, aligned with enhanced functionalities for publishing books, journals, audio-video products, and electronic publications, and preparing TV programs and commercials. ONEBOOK has a range of subsidiaries under its wing, including Science and Technology Literature Press, Beijing Tiansheng S&T Audio-Video Publishing House, Beijing Tiansheng Advertising Agency, and Beijing Dongxiao International Technology Information and Consultation Co.,Ltd. Striving to diffuse and popularize scientificand technical knowledge and innovative S&T discovery, ONEBOOK works hard to raise people’s awareness of S&T policies, regulations, and development strategies defined by the Central Government.


Strength in Publishing Books and E-books

ONEBOOK is a qualified agency for publishing quality S&T books, renowned for its expertise in publishing the books on medicine, health, agriculture, S&T policy and management, chemistry, light industry, culture, education among others. Many books that rolled off from ONEBOOK, including Chinese Book Classification, Chinese Keywords Table and China Science and Technology White Paper, have been honored with the “Five-One Project” Award and China Book Award conferred by the CPC Publicity Department. Taking advantage of the information, technology, and expertise resources at CITIC’s disposal, ONEBOOK publishes core journals, including Stroke in China and Ultrasonic Medicine, and an array of popular science and management journals, including Management Watch, Auto Parts, Sister Sciences, China Education Innovation Herald, China Medical Technology, Economy & Management among others. It also publishes high impact journals, such as Electronic Products, Low-Carbon World, and World of Living Creatures, in collaboration with International Data Group.

Rich TV Program Making Experience

ONEBOOK possesses a TV program making team enjoying professional expertise and advanced equipment. It has gathered massive S&T films and videos made both at home and abroad. ONEBOOK has produced numerous large science and technology documentaries. Among them, "Decade Path of Sparkle Program in China", "Opportunities and Challenges", "A Hymn of Life across the Centuries", and "Water-saving Agriculture" have won the National "Five-One Project" Award and the Fine Video Product Award conferred by China Association for Science and Technology. In addition, ONEBOOK has staged an annual event to show S&T documentary videos, in collaboration with NHK.

Professional Advertising Planning and Design Team

ONEBOOK is of a high caliber professional team for advertising planning, designing, and making. It strives to produce creative and high quality commercials, and has been part of numerous important events, including the mass parade design for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Accomplishments Exhibition (S&T Component) for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and National S&T Accomplishments Show for the 11th Five-Year Period.


Address: No.15 Fuxing Road, Beijing, 100038 CHINA
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