The Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) is a division of ISTIC, responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of information infrastructures, and the design, development, and management of information technology applications and associated service systems. Meanwhile, it is the network center of the National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) and the co-chair member of NSTL’s IT workforce. ITSC is mandated to work on the following R&D activities: knowledge organization and engineering, applications of natural language processing and machine translation, digital library technologies and applications, the planning, design and implementation of large network service systems, and the development of information analysis tools.

ITSC has about 40 staff members, working on research, development, and technical service. Of them, 15 members are doctoral degree holders. ITSC enjoys a high proportion of advanced academic degrees and senior professional titles up to 90%, with 7 master’s and doctoral tutors. ITSC recruits 4-6 master’s students and 2-4 post-doctoral researchers on an annual basis. The post-doctoral researchers and graduate students who are currently working or studying at the Center approached 20 in number.

ITSC is designed with an IT room of 500 square meters, packed with advanced communication equipment and computers that are under advanced management. The bandwidth linked with the internet backbones of China Telecom and China Unicom is up to 400MB. Except the two public internet connections, the Centre also connected to China Education Network and China S&T Network through a 100MB fiber optic cable. ITSC has some 250 servers, with a total storage capacity up to 50TB. The Centre is responsible for maintaining some large information service systems, including the National Science and Technology Digital Library, and the total number of database records is over 130 million. Collaboration with WANFANG DATA, ITST has become the only Chinese Registry Agent in the International DOI Foundation (IDF), a digital object identifier system enjoying a registration volume ranking second place in the world, which renders a laudable contribution to the internationalization of Chinese information resources. During the 11th five-year period, ITSC was granted with one patent and 33 software copyright registrations, along with some 130 papers published in major domestic and international journals. The Centre has been assigned to work on a range of projects and researches initiated by the National S&T Support Program, National 863 Program, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, National S&T Infrastructure Platform, and Postdoctoral Science Foundation. During the 12th five-year period, ITSC will focus on related technology R&D work around the project of “Construction and Application of STKOS for foreign scientific literature” (supported by the National S&T Support Program), and set up the National S&T information sharing and public service centre.


Plan, design, and build NSTL guarantee and service system, responsible for the daily operation, management, update, and maintenance of the system.

Establish the National S&T Information Resources Sharing and Service Center, promoting the diffusion and application of relevant research achievements in S&T information service industry.

Commit to the discipline construction of “Knowledge Engineering” and “Language Technology”, researching on theories, applications, and standards; establish an open platform for collaborative research, and a training center of post-doctoral researchers and graduate students.

Conduct academic exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international partners in the areas of common interest; take care of the daily operation of the Technical Committee for Knowledge Management under the Chinese Society of Scientific and Technological Information; participate in some international organizations, including W3C and IDF, on behalf of ISTIC.

Plan, design, and build an ISTIC information technology infrastructure and a knowledge managing and sharing platform, providing information technology support to ISTIC’s missions; responsible for the information security of the Institute; and develop proprietary software and tools needed for the critical missions.


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