Information Resource Center(IRC) is the center for collecting dissertations, proceedings, S&T reports, journals, and academicians’ monographs, assuming the task of building scientific information resources and providing service support at the national level. Meanwhile, it also plays the role of customer service center and library collection development working panel of the National Science and Technology Library. IRC also focus on research on digital library, knowledge organization system, information resource management, user study and resource analysis, collection and management of archives of national S&T programs and citationbased knowledge linking.

By 2010, IRC has collected 1.5 million volumes of domestic dissertations, 220,000 volumes of overseas disserations, 100,000 volumes of foreign proceedings, 60,000 volumes of domestic proceedings, 1.23 million copies of U.S. government technical reports since 1958, and more than 300,000 volumes of reference books. IRC also subscribes to more than 4000 titles of foreign journals each year. As for the electronic resources, IRC subscribes to 18 titles of bibliographic databases, such as CA, NSI, NTIS, EI, INSPEC, ISI Web of Knowledge, and 33 titles of full-text databases, covering more than 7,500 titles of electronic journals and 1,000 titles of proceedings. Meanwhile, IRC has a collection of some 4,000 monographs authored and donated by more than 1,000 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. In addition, IRC established charateristic databases of knowledge linking and high-citation papers. As for the digitalized resources, IRC possesses 45.23 million entries of abstracts in Chinese and foreign languages with annual addition of 3.3 millions entries, and 82.86 entries of citations in Chinese and foreign languages with annual addition of 15.5 million entries. The full-text papers in IRC has reached 34.86 million copies, whose data volume is 40TB. As the largest of its kind in China, IRC has the largest volumes of gray literatures on the shelf.

IRC currently has 70 staffs engaging in R&D, information processing and consultation, of which there are 6 doctors and 28 masters, and there are 3 persons with senior professional titles, 22 with associated research fellow titles. In addition, several post-doctors and graduate students are now doing research or studying in IRC. IRC publishes the High Citation Index of Chinese Journals and Report of Chinese Journals Citation annually. During the 11th five-year period, IRC published 68 papers in major domestic and international journals, and were granted with 15 software copyrights. In recent years, IRC has assumed a number of projects under the support of National S&T Support Program, National Social Science Foundation, and National Science & Technology Infrastructure Center, such as National Dissertation Service System, Chinese Disseration Collection and Service System, Chinese Science and Technology Reports System, Database of S&T Activities Monitoring and Evaluation, Construction of Thesaurus in Networked Environment, and Ciatation-based Knowledge Linking Service. In the 12th fi ve-year period, IRC will focus on major projects such as “Revision of Chinese Thesaurus (Engineering Edition)” , “Foreign S&T Literature-Oriented Super English Vocabulary and Ontology” and other projects supported by National Science & Technology Infrastructure Center, and promote joint research and collection development.


Responsible for building the National Engineering and Technology Library, collecting all kinds of document information resources on engineering science published at home and abroad, providing intelligent, personlized and knowledge service to public with digitalized and networked means.

Responsible for the construction of the Hall of Academicians Works, collecting the monographs authored by academicians and other works which reflects their accomplishments, holding acedemicians’ lectures, thus to advocate the scientifi c and cultural spirit of academicians.

Providing a range of services to public, such as literature retrieval, citation retrival, sci-tech novelty retrieval, and user-oriented bibliometric analysis and knowledge evaluation, and fostering the construction of industry-oriented knowledge service platform for research environment.

Responsible for discipline construction of library science, assuming teaching task and conducting theoretical research related to information resource management.

Responsible for organizing activities of Special Committee for Collection Development under the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Information.

Responsible for the daily operations of the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee of Information and Documentation, taking charge of the establishment, revision and implementation of national standards in the area of information and documentation, communicating and cooperating with ISO/TC46, and conducting standardization research related to information and documentation.


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