Director General`s Remark

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) is a national nonprofit organization supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to collect and study scientific and technical information, with a range of mandates including providing support to government decision makers. It works hard to be a scientific and technical information sharing and service center, an academic study center, a training center, and an R&D and diffusion center in the area of information technology. In addition, it provides guidance and demonstration to other scientific and technical information institutions across the country.

ISTIC started to deepen its reform in 2005 in line with the reform mandates defined for a public good oriented research institution. The management team made a thorough investigation of the development pattern of S&T information industry in China, and worked out a medium and long term plan for ISTIC's reform and development, based on the current situation and proven practice. It sets up a main line for the future development of ISTIC: being a public good oriented research institution, sticking to scientific management, providing services to promote indigenous innovation, and making ISTIC a world class institution, along with a three-step strategy. Step I (2006-2008) is designed to work on and perfect the coordination among the new bodies, new operations and new mechanisms. Step II (2009-2011) is implemented to forge a better integrated institution, with enhanced and consolidated resources and operations for the future development. Step III (2012 and after) is planned to raise ISTIC's level of public good oriented researches and services, producing distinctive research and service products.

2012 marks the beginning of a leap forward development of ISTIC. Thanks to the guidance and support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, ISTIC started to show a vigorous development aura in line with the motto of “ being a public good oriented research institution, sticking to scientific management, providing services to promote indigenous innovation, and making ISTIC a world class institution”. ISTIC established and put into operation a range of platforms, including ISTIC's National Engineering and Technology Digital Library, China Scientific and Technical Information Network, China Scientific and Technical Papers Statistics and Analysis, ISTIC Patent Information Retrieval and Analysis, and China High-Level Scientific and Technical Talents Information Network. An array of factual databases developed and run by ISTIC, including Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, ISTIC Chinese Invention Patents, and Chinese High-Level Scientific and Technical Talents, have had an accumulative collection of more than 100 million entries. The methodology that combines factual data, special tools and experts’ wisdom makes the quantification of S&T information research and the reproducibility of the results derived from researches possible. The efforts have produced valuable research results welcomed by government decision makers. ISTIC has in recent years been assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology to work on two major projects that involve the establishment of a national science and technology reports system and the development of a national database for S&T achievements transformazation projects, which expands the institution’s scope of research and service. Meanwhile, the enhanced capacities of eight academic disciplines, including library science, futures studies, S&T policies and management, information resources management, knowledge engineering, natural language processing, information science, and scientometrics, have effectively raised the institution’s overall capability, and improved the quality and quantity of the scholarly publications it has produced. Meanwhile, ISTIC works with mainstream domestic universities, including Nanjing University, Wuhan University and Jilin University, on a range of joint research and personnel training projects. It established the ISTIC-THOMSON REUTERS Joint Lab for Scientometrics and the ISTIC-ELSEVIER Journals Evaluation Center, in an effort to facilitate joint researches and the opening of the institution. ISTIC also works with other domestic S&T information institutions, universities and information service providers to establish a national engineering research center---- National S&T Information Resources Utilization and Service Center, in a move to develop the needed software tools and models for S&T information studies, and provide key and generic technologies to the development of S&T information service industry.

Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all walks of life and my colleagues both at home and abroad for their sustained support. 2013 is a critical year for the implementation of the national science and technology development plan for the 12th five-year period. ISTIC will strive to make new contributions to the realization of the scientific development, and to the implementation of innovation driven development strategies, with deepening reform as the momentum and scientific management as the support.


HE Defang

Director General

Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China

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